Ph.D., B.Sc.

Bachelor of Science—University of Alberta, 2011–2016

Honors Astrophysics (with 1st Class Honors)

Undergraduate Research Projects:

1. A summer undergraduate research position in theoretical condensed matter physics supervised by Prof. Frank Marsiglio. The research directions were two-fold: 1) research focused on the pedagogy of quantum mechanics and, in particular, on student learning of scattering problems in undergraduate quantum physics courses, and 2) novel studies of the Klein paradox in graphene using simulations of quantum scattering problems on 2-D honeycomb lattices with defects.
2. A course-based (Phys 499) undergraduate physics research project under the direction of a faculty member, which I conducted under the supervision of Prof. Sharon Morsink. The project was focused on the accurate simulation of light curves for rapidly rotating neutron stars using the Kerr approximation.
3. A summer studentship funded by Alberta Innovates Health Solutions (AIHS—now Alberta Innovates) focused on the development of a computer-generated three-dimensional liver vasculature and its applications to pharmacokinetic modelling.